Formula SAE Overview


UNC Charlotte Formula SAE is a student run design, build, and race team. Our purpose is to conceive, design, and construct, a high-performance formula-style race car that will compete in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Collegiate Design Series, Formula SAE. The Formula SAE competition is an annual event that brings up to 120 international teams together, where they will have to compete in multiple dynamic and static events that test the design and performance of the car. Through the car’s journey from conception to competition, our goal is to provide the students here at UNC Charlotte the knowledge and skills to be successful motorsports engineers in the automotive and racing world.

Competition Objective:

Formula SAE brings students and cars from around the world to compete in a major engineering and automotive competition. Students conceive, design, and construct a formula-style race car that competes in an array of dynamic and static events. The dynamic events test the capability and reliability of the vehicle, where the static events test the design, engineering, and fabrication of the vehicle. Students present their car as a prototype for an imaginary race series where these cars race every weekend. They must market the vehicle to a major manufacturing firm who will select the best design to invest in and produce.

If you are interested in getting involved with the UNC Charlotte Formula SAE team, contact the team leader Eric Duncan.